10 Admissions Essay Writing Tips

  • Make absolutely certain your college admissions essay stands out

  • write your best essay

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    1. Start the essay writing process early, leaving sufficient time to write and rewrite your essay well before deadlines.

    2. Define the question before you start writing.

    3. Brainstorm.

    4. Outline your essay.

    5. Structure your essay. Although the typical five-paragraph essay does not always apply, the main idea should be presented first and followed by supporting details.

    6. Add personality to your essay by using strong supporting details and vivid imagery. Admissions officers use the essay section to gain important insights into the character and personality of the applicant. Remember: "Show; Don't Tell."

    7. Do not use passive voice. Action verbs and descriptive words enhance the overall quality of the paper.

    8. Check and re-check your paper for basic grammatical and/or mechanical errors.

    9. Although it is often helpful to have a thesaurus close at hand, do not be overly dependent. Mindless substitution often leads to awkward wording, which will certainly not impress the admissions officers.

    10. Do not allow apathy to prevent you from submitting a less-than-optimal essay. Remain open to constructive criticism, seeking as many opinions as possible, but remember to keep the essay true to your personal voice.