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    Question: How much is the essay portion of the application weighted in the overall acceptance decision?

    Answer: While each school weights the essay portion of the application differently, the nation's most competitive schools generally use the essay to separate qualified applicants from questionable applicants. While a well-written essay may not be enough to thrust a student into 'accepted' status, a poorly written essay will surely have the admissions office thinking twice about admitting an applicant. Furthermore, recent trends like the addition of the essay section to the SAT suggest that colleges are increasingly turning to the personal statements for a more complete picture of the applicant. Test scores, grades, and activities also play an important role in the admission decision.

    Question: Will using the same essay for two schools negatively impact my chance of acceptance?

    Answer: There is little reason to worry that by using the same essay for both schools your chances of acceptance will be negatively impacted. However, as a note of caution, your personal statements should always answer the question fully and directly. Some questions may sound similar but require unique responses.

    Question: How can I be sure that the editing process will improve the quality of my paper?

    Answer: Your essay will be edited by a combination of TWO highly trained and educated essayists. Our editors are educated at the nation's most prestigious schools and receive intensive training in the proprietary Essay101 admissions essay formula. Your essay will be thoroughly checked and re-checked for grammatical, mechanical, stylistic, and structural errors. In addition, our editors provide you with precise recommendations for improving your essay's content and tone. Every essay receives a complete internal edit, accompanied by a revised draft and an overall critique.

    Question: How do I submit my essay to US College Prep ?

    Answer: Just begin here and follow the three easy submission and payment steps. First - Select a Service(s). Second - Complete the form. Third - fill out your payment information. You will receive a billing receipt confirmation, and within 3 business days you will receive an email with your edited essay attached. It's really that easy!

    Question: What makes a great essay?

    Answer: "Show; Don't Tell." The admissions officers want you to use the personal statement to add depth to the application. Your essay should not read like a list of accomplishments; it should convey your story. Your words should paint a picture in the reader's mind, and the essay's structure should flow effortlessly from image to image. Give the details that support your topic, and remain focused throughout the essay. Almost any topic can make for a great essay, as long as it is presented using vivid imagery, a well-though structure, and supporting evidence.