About The Essay Editing Process

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    "Our essay editors do not write essays for students. Rather, our editors work with students to help them express their thoughts and clearly emphasize their accomplishments in order to achieve college admissions goals."


    Our admissions essay editing and phone conference services are designed to help the student write an essay that reflects his/her full potential. Every essay submission is reviewed and edited by two highly trained essayists, educated at the nation's top universities. The following is your easy 5-step list to better understand the process.

    1. You submit your essay.

    2. Upon receiving your submission, we match your essay to one of our highly-trained editors by carefully selecting the editor that best suits your essay topic or your unique interests.

    3. Your editor reads and re-reads your essay. The editor inserts comments and edits throughout the essay. The editor carefully weaves the edits through your original essay, creating a revised draft.

    4. The editor offers an overall critique, evaluating your essay on a broader scope and providing recommendations on the essay's content, risk-level, and style. A second editor evaluates the primary editor's work, adding additional insights to ensure that the edit meets the strict requirements of the proprietary US College Prep admissions essay formula.

    5. Within three days of your submission, you receive an email with your edits attached. Your essay work is completed.