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    This is the course information page for high school seniors and juniors preparing for the SAT with TOTALprep - the 3 week US CollegePrep online prep course.

    Start Date

    A new course begins weekly (every Monday). Students select when to begin the course.

    Learning objectives - math

    Understanding mathematic fundamentals and data interpretation problems.
    How to solve algebraic word problems, expressions and challenging equations.
    Learning the best geometry formulas to memorize.
    Applying logical reasoning, probability and math strategies to grid-in questions.
    When to successfully employ your calculator to solve SAT math problems.
    How to eliminate wrong answer choices and when to omit or guess.

    Learning objectives - critical reading

    How to immediately build a strong and useful SAT vocabulary.
    Reading for comparison and contrast; inference questions; cause and effect; mood and tone and attitude of author.
    How to read efficiently under time constraints.
    How to look for key words that point to the correct word in sentence completion problems.

    Course overview

    This course provides the student with applicable test strategies in both the math and critical reading areas of the SAT. In order to significantly improve math scores, students focus on problem solving techniques specific to the type of math problem. In order to significantly improve verbal scores, students must focus on the vocabulary and key words used in questions (like, not, except, only). Problem solving techniques employing logic, language consistency, common sense, quality guessing techniques and others are taught.

    Overall efficiency, speed and how to avoid SAT problem traps are emphasized by US CollegePrep teachers while maintaining a positive online learning environment.

    Course materials

    The Official SAT Study Guide (College Board)

    (Not included in price) The Official SAT Study Guide (by College Board). Book can be purchased at the USCollegePrep Bookstore (via Amazon) or at your local bookseller.

    How to succeed in class ... and with the SAT

    Review recommended introductory material prior to week one
    Actively participate in the all forums
    Regularly email test related questions and answers to your US CollegePrep teachers for personalized review

    Computer requirements

    Internet access
    Individual email account


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