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    One aspect of curriculum development for standardized tests that is a constant - is change.

    For example, in 2012 the College Board announced it would align future college-entrance exams to the new Common Core State Standards.

    USCollegePrep will be ready for those test changes.

    Eash of the tests have changed over the years. For example, years ago the SAT dropped analogies and quantitative comparisons from the test. Those are examples of obvious changes. Significant changes.

    Yet, there are other less obvious changes to the tests as well. For example: vocabulary - especially for the SAT and PSAT.

    Example: old words vs. current words

    Notice the words listed in the following table.

    old words current words









    Without doubt, this is a very small sample of vocabulary words. Four words in each column.

    Yet, these are examples of words that are no longer used by the test publishers compared with those that are currently being used.

    Why is this the case? Many reasons. Ultimately, only the test publishers know. Nevertheless, changes in test vocabulary have taken place.

    We can't say the current words that are used and emphasized are easier - just, that they are different.


    You are at risk if you use outdated vocabulary words. You will waste unnecessary study time. You will not encounter these older words on the test.

    The USCollegePrep approach to vocabulary

    First, we don't use outdated vocabulary words to study. We regularly remove old words from our lists.

    We provide a list of current vocabulary words for students to study and understand.

    We also don't provide a large vocabulary list of 500 or more words to review and memorize. That is another time waster.

    We provide a focused list of high probability vocabulary words that we know have been used on recent tests. Root words are also reviewed. This is the way students learn to be successful with these challenging tests.

    USCollegePrep test preparation courses

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    PREPprep - online course for PSAT test preparation
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    AMPrep101 - online course for ACT test preparation


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