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  • Tips for taking the SAT I: Reasoning Test
  • 1- Decide when you want to take the SAT Remember, you can take the SAT more than once.
    2- Take your preparation course immediately prior to your test date. This will give you the needed momentum.
    3- Know all the directions before taking the test.
    4- Get a good vocabulary list. Don't be fooled by lists with "big" words. [USCollegePrep students are supplied with an excellent list of frequently used SAT words]
    Be aware that some questions are presented in order of difficulty (easy to difficult).
    5- Avoid leaving blanks if at all possible.
    6- On the Critical Reading section - practice reading passages so that you can spot main idea, draw conclusions, pick out important details, determine point of view and author's tone.
    7- Learn and practice to read with a pencil for underlining.
    8- Be able to compare and contrast 2 related reading passages.
    9- Write notes in margins of reading passages. (most important!)
    10- Eliminate all absolutely wrong answers FIRST in your answer choices.
    11- Study your vocabulary daily.
    12- For your college application essay, get a professional to help in editing. It pays off.
    13- Review basic Grammar rules for the Writing section. Especially: parallelism; run-on sentences; subject/verb agreement.
    14- On Sentence Completion - look for KEY words like although, therefore, however.
    15- On Sentence Completion - look for opposing statements, cause and effect and supportive views.
    16- On test day, work quickly but not carelessly. Keep track of the time for each section of the test.
    17- On test day, if you finish early, use the time for re-checking.
    18- On Math Section--do not plan to use your calculator on every problem.
    19- Some can be solved faster by eliminating obviously wrong answers.
    20- Review some basic concepts in Geometry, Algebra and comparing quantities.
    21- Be familiar with how to fill in the Grid-in problems.
    22- On test day make sure your calculator has fresh batteries.
    23- Guess if you have a choice of 2 or 3 possibly correct answers.
    24- Do not try to cram the night before test day.
    25- Get plenty of sleep on the night before the test and eat a good breakfast.

    Good luck ..... from the teachers and staff at US College Prep !!!

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  • Dear Parents and Students:
  • We are happy to be able to make this SAT Tips list available to college-bound families.

    This list is meant to encourage you to become active, prepared and serious about the SAT. The SAT is a unique and challenging test. This means that your preparation efforts should be designed to minimize any test-day surprises.

    There is another reason to be serious and prepared. Most colleges and universities prioritize the SAT score at or near the top of their admissions criteria. While it is true that you are more than just a number, the SAT has become the standard by which potential college applicants are evaluated.

    This list is by no means a comprehensive list of SAT strategies or suggestions. Dozens of other ideas could be added. However, while the list is short, it is designed to encourage you to actively follow-up on these tips and incorporate them into your test-taking approach.

    Please don't fall into the trap of reviewing "SAT Tips..." and immediately deciding that many of the ideas are quite obvious or already known. Unless you incorporate these tips (and other SAT strategies) into your memory and practice, you will not be in a position to maximize your SAT score. Practice and more practice will produce results and give you a competitive edge in the college admissions process.

    Again, prepare with the appropriate techniques and strategies. Do all you can because the SAT score you receive, is indeed, an important number. We wish you the VERY best in your SAT preparation efforts!!!


    ~ Your teachers at US College Prep